New Bag!

I've really been on a sewing kick lately. Yesterday, I saw a tutorial for a super cute new clutch on one of my regularly enjoyed craft blogs. It looked so adorable (and easy!) that I had to make one right away. And then I decided to make four of them. Because, you know, when you're making one, making four really isn't that much harder. I'm only posting the photograph of one since the others may be making appearances as gifts in the next few months, but this one is mine, all mine. I was totally digging the chevron fabric and bright spring colors. I bought this fabric at a quilt shop a while ago but had been hoarding it to use on something really cute and then it got hidden underneath some less cute fabric. I was happy that I found it while digging through my stash to find fabric for this project.It makes me want to buy a light colored flowy dress for spring and some cute new flats as well. I guess a new bag can have that effect sometimes.

I guess it's my new favorite bag pattern. I didn't follow her directions exactly, but also relied on this fantastic tutorial that I've used numerous times before. Hooray for new bags!


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