Match Day!

This was a long but fun week that included an overnight call, helping a daddy (and good friend) deliver his sweet baby girl, and several days of a fussy and sick Judah.  Thankfully, everyone is well now and I finished work early enough today to come home, take a nap, and then go to the park for play group. 

It was also match day today, the day when all the US medical school students find out where they will be spending the next several years of training. We had a fairly low-key party to celebrate the ten excellent students we matched. Since I only work part time and am not a resident anymore, I felt very disconnected from the recruiting this year, and haven't even met everyone who is coming next year. It has been fun every year to see the newbies come in, so nervous and fresh, and then finish their year much more confident doctors.

I did think back to the day four years ago when we had our match day. It was an exciting day, and I'm still very thankful that the city listed on that piece of paper was Greenwood. Now I see even more clearly God's goodness in leading us here, and know that his goodness will continue to lead us as we look to the future.


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