Exploring the back yard

Some recent nice weather has given us the chance to explore the back yard. I'm looking forward to many more days outside this spring and summer. A few days ago, we went out and Judah took the spatula with him. This face he's making is very much a face he makes a lot these days - where he kind of sucks air in his mouth and makes a little noise. I love it.
The spatula might actually be one of his favorite "toys," right up there with the car keys or one of the big rubber spoons we have in the kitchen. He can play with these things for an amazing amount of time. Much longer than he plays with one of his real toys.
If you look closely, you can see both the big tear on his cheek - Lucy had just knocked him over by running crazy in the yard - and the bruise on his other cheek.
Several people have asked me how he got the bruise. Honestly, I have no idea. I am constantly finding bruises on him that I have no recollection of him getting. Thus is life with a nearly-walking baby, I suppose. I had a patient come to see me today, a seven month old who had fallen off grandma's bed the other day. He had the biggest goose egg I've ever seen. I'm talking the size of a softball. There really wasn't anything to be done about it, as he had it for several days and was totally acting happy and normal. I could identify just a little with his mom, who was mortified at how bad it looked.


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