What clinic can be like.

She and her husband were in the clinic for an OB visit, the third time I've seen them for this pregnancy. She has been my patient basically since I started my intern year and I also take care of her son. Her life has changed dramatically in the time I've known her.

When she first started seeing me, she was single, had a new baby, and was fresh out of an inpatient drug treatment facility for pregnant women. She came to me for her postpartum depression. When her son needed his vaccines. When she inexplicably started losing weight, too much weight. I've been her doctor and have slowly come to know her. She trusts me now.

She has done remarkably well since those first days. She has stayed clean. Within the last year she has gotten married to a really nice guy who seems to adore her. And now she is pregnant. At our visit I was asking her something about her first pregnancy and what experiences she had. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Dr. Tell, I was on drugs pretty bad during that pregnancy and I really don't remember." It's like she is experiencing pregnancy for the first time again. She is so excited every time she comes and we look at the baby. She loves hearing the heartbeat. Her husband also gets so excited to see the baby. This is probably the best part of my job - coming along side a patient and their excitement about their baby and helping keep both of them healthy.

It was a good clinic day.


Pamela said…
Wow!!! So sweet. Loved the post and congratulation to your patient for her baby. You are also doing a great job indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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