A list about working in the Edgefield ER.

I'm working in the Edgefield ER again today, a shift I had (oops!) forgotten about until yesterday. Thankfully, Jeff is a real trooper and is taking care of Judah today, even though he's had a sort of stressful week that culminated yesterday when he took his oral comps for his Th.M. He, of course, passed with distinction

1. Even though this is technically a job, it really feels more like a vacation. Since it's so slow, I can often get a nap in during the day. There is no laundry to be folded. No dishes to be put away. And I get paid.

2. The 50 minute drive between my house and the ER is beautiful. I realized again this morning how much I love a good drive through the country. Especially at Sunrise.

3. One of the oldest living people in the US lives in the county and is a semi-frequent visitor to the ER here. I learned that at one of my last shifts and ever since have been paranoid that she was going to come in when I'm working and die and then I'd forever be known as the doctor who killed her.

4. I did actually get to meet her today as she was getting some IV fluids. All I can say is she looks amazingly great for being over 110. I don't want to say her actual age so as not to violate HIPPA in case that could somehow identify her. Her daughter who must be over 80 was here with her and she could easily have passed for 70. They must have some good genes in that family.

5. I do miss the wee little hands grabbing my legs and the face that burrows into them.


Elise said…
Congrats Jeff!

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