Birthday Party planning

Gretchen commented in my last post, asking if I was planning a birthday party for my boy. Unlike my normal, go-with-the-flow, last minute, seat of my pants kind of planning I normally do, I have actually been trying to do some party planning.

It's actually a little bit funny. Before I had Judah, the idea of a birthday party for a one year old seemed a little bit silly to me. Not that we shouldn't celebrate it, but that a one year old would need a party that one had to plan. Why would someone spend a lot of time and money planning something that their kid won't even remember? Just throw a party hat on the kid, let him rip into the cake, and snap a few photos. Easy peasy.

Then, of course, I had a baby. After the months of trying, praying, and waiting, he was finally here. And I realized that the party isn't really about him. I am so thankful and so happy to finally have my son that I find myself wanting to plan the biggest, funnest party I can to celebrate all those people who prayed right along with me, who felt our pain and sadness as the months ticked by, and rejoiced with us in our good news. I started looking online for cute ideas for birthday parties and found my creative side itching to make some adorable decorations.

Once you start looking around for kid's party ideas, let me tell you, things can get out of hand quickly. Letterpress invitations! Candy station table! Bunting! Water bottle with homemade labels! Prizes! I loved the look of this party, thinking that a baseball-themed party would be just about perfect for our baseball-loving family. The party could have easily involved 50 people, if we invited all our close friends, church friends, and family.

Then reality set it. First of all, we have a little boy who gets overwhelmed by loud noises. Having a house full of people in the afternoon, during what tends to be his crankiest time, could be the beginning of a disaster. Plus the fact that all those little things I wanted to get to make the party fun and adorable can add up quickly.

So where did I come down? Somewhere in the middle. We are definitely having a party. One that I'm planning, that will involve some sort of invitation (homemade), tasty homemade cupcakes, balloons, and a homemade birthday crown. But no ornate decorations or games or favors or personalized water bottles. I'm very excited that my parents and Jeff's mom will be there, and hopefully an aunt and uncle and some of our close friends, including some of the physicians who were there the day he was born - in the delivery room and doing Judah's newborn exam.

 Jeff told me I could save up all my pent-up party planning energy for when he's 6.


MJUnderwood said…
Jeremy has your same pre-baby party sentiments. I have your post baby 1st party sentiments. Happy planning!

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