And We're Moving To......... Idaho?!?

Just Kidding, its not really Idaho. Today is the big day. Today we found out were Aubrey matched in the big Match.

Out of 140 students, Aubrey was about the 129th called. Here she is reading her letter...

And she is announcing that we are going to Greenwood, SC!!!!! We are both very excited, Greenwood was our first choice of programs. June 18th will be her first day there, so we will move sometime before that. We can't wait. See how happy we look?


Emilie said…
Congratulations! We're so excited for you. 'Cept. . . who's going to be our neighbor now!?!? :-(
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! That's wonderful.

Suzanna Greer
kate said…
That is awesome you got your first choice! I know you are excited. We'll be praying for you!
Melanie said…
Hooray, hooray!

And be glad you didn't match in Idaho. You'd have all kinds of people thinking you were moving to Iowa, or Ohio ... all those vowel states are the same, really, right?
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the match. Very exciting!

-Rebecca T.

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