And the paperwork begins.....

I knew being a doctor required filling out lots and lots of paperwork, but I didn't realize it would begin this soon. I got a big packet of stuff from Greenwood today, and it seemed like I had to sign my name no less than 400 times. I could have just signed away my first child, or given away my kidney, and I may not have noticed since there was so much to fill out. I also have to include a right thumbprint. Although apparently, if my right thumb were missing, I could also include my left thumbprint as long as I indicated it on the application.

One exciting thing about getting this filled out quickly is that I'll actually get my signing bonus sooner. Yes, that's right, I'm getting a signing bonus. Like I'm some kind of professional athlete. (Mine is going to be slightly smaller than theirs tend to run.)

I have to have a pre-employment physical with a urine drug screen. I was instructed to come to the appointment "with a full bladder." Seriously.


Ken Shomo said…
Obviously the goal behind all this is to wear down your signature, and your handwriting more generally, to its most minimalist form. That's one of the most endearing parts of being a doctor. That and the authoritative white lab coat!s
Melanie said…
Good insight about the signatures ... the goal of the full bladder requirement,then, must be to see how well you can hold it in. Goodness knows you won't have time to go between rounds and clinic visits and other bottom-of-the-totem-pole (I mean, Doctorly) duties. They should make this part of teachers' interviews, too.

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