Our Sunday Evening

Aubrey = 299
Jeff = 271

Frankly, I'm just glad I didn't loose by a whole lot more, considering Aubrey was writing words like "ruminate," "rifampin," and "indole," which apparently is a byproduct of animal intestines used in perfumery. (?)


Melanie said…
"I-am-a-mu-si-cal-ro-bot" ... it's in your future, Tells. And if Jeff needs to boost his confidence, check out my intelligent post from our evening. You'll feel smarter in a heartbeat.
Aubrey said…
Mel - Jeff and I both laughed out loud at your comment. You are the best commenter ever.

And I will say I am somewhat scared about the nerdiness of our children, but what can you do? They are going to get it naturally.
Melanie said…
Wow. Thanks for the title.

And I saw a sign at a sandwich shop yesterday that made me laugh out loud, and then think of Jeff (because not many other people enjoy puns as much as I do). It said, "Au jus serious?" HA.
Ken said…
Yes, those medical terms are ubiquitous. You forgot to mention "dilate."

Jeff, were "do," "ow," and "oar" your contributions?

Actually, the words on this board say a lot about the Tells. Trusted, Ruminate, Peace, and Breezy... all very descriptive of the Tell household.


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