Back to the Grind stone

Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm enjoying this new rotation, but it hasn't left me with tons of time. Although the schedule really isn't bad, especially for surgery. I go in at 7, and have been finishing around 4. And we are pretty busy during that whole time. I doubt there are any smokers amongst the four readers of this blog, but if there are, let me tell you: QUIT NOW. I've seen dead legs, amputated feet, and nasty aortas, all in people who smoke. It's not like I've been surprised by what I've seen, but I have definitely been reminded this week that smoking is BAD.

So enjoy a few photos until I can post more. Here are the three photos I took in Texas with my camera phone.

An orange tree!! I could actually touch an orange growing on a tree!

Walking the bridge to Mexico.
Standing on the actual border.

I decided I kind of enjoy the look of the crappy, low quality camera phone images. They seem rustic. Maybe tomorrow I'll add some more good nephew photos.


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