Because I Felt Like Baking, That's Why.

I think that somewhere, deep within me, I have a repressed culinary streak. Every so often I enjoy cooking. Baking mostly. In junior high I used to have the recipe for chocolate chip cookies memorized, I could do it in my sleep. Which was probably more because I loved cookies, than because I loved baking. Then in high school I used to get all kinds of brochures from culinary schools. Perhaps I missed my calling.

Anyway. The urge has struck again recently, in the form of a desire to bake bread. Baking bread is satisfying. It makes you feel good. And it tastes really good too. So over the last couple of weeks I have made several batches of English Muffins. They are like bread, with just a few modifications at the end. And mmmmmm, are they good. When they are hot out of the toaster, and the butter just melts right down into them... whoa.


* said…
I'm super impressed. You'll have to teach me next time we are all together.

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