I love words. When I was in high school, I once asked for and received a big, enormous OED for Christmas. I loved it. It was fun to browse just to look for fun, interesting words.

Are there words you hate? I've always disliked the word drawer. As in "chest of drawers." I think I dislike it because it's really pronounced "droor," but if you say it the way it is spelled, as in "draw-er," you will sound like a backwoods hick.

The words moist and panties both make me cringe. The word pantyhose sends chills down my spine, but I'm not certain if that's because I always HATED wearing them, or just because it has the word panty as part of it. I do not wear panties. I wear underwear. I think I may be softening towards the word moist because sometimes, especially when describing baked goods or cooking, there's just no better word to use.

My other least favorites? Rural. It's just too hard to say. Literally - this annoys me just because of it's mis/overuse. (No, you did not "literally" die when she said that to you, as you are now talking to me.)

My favorite words? I must have a thing for the "u" sound. Nuance and Innuendo I have always loved. They just sound so nice coming off the tongue. Muliebrity is another one I must have found on my dictionary journey days. It means "womanhood" or "the condition of being a woman." Glabella is the part of your forehead right between your eyebrows.

What about you - what are your favorite/least favorite words?


Ed Eubanks said…
Yeah, I'm with you on some of these.

One thing worse than just "drawer" is when folks don't know (or don't care) that it's a CHEST of drawers, and it becomes chester-drawers.

But then, did your grandparents refer to your underwear as "drawers"? Mine did— which made poor chester's drawers an awkward topic of conversation...
I was with you on panties but having a potty trained little girl softened me on it. I can only use that word in reference to her panties though. I still only wear underwear.
I hate the word realtor. It is hard to say correctly and most people say relator. I also hate it when people talk about their rotary cuff. :)
Emilie said…
I can barely even type panties or moist. Seriously dislike those words!!!!!
Annie said…
Ointment. Ew. and Slacks, because in my mind it evokes brown, polyester bell-bottoms.
Banana said…
It's almost as if all your thoughts about the p-word came straight out of my brain! I don't mind moist, although moist p's would kinda suck. I seriously can barely say the word panties or pantyhose (evil, evil invention, no doubt by a man, probably out of revenge for the invention of the tie--by a woman?) With Ashlyn, I mostly say undies or underwear, so we're ok there.

But I have to say (if I'm really honest), I cannot stand the word "period." And, of course I mean in the female context. Ugggh! I've hated it ever since, well, you know about what age. I could barely say it until my mid-twenties; since then I've been a bit better.

Especially right after we got married, I wasn't a big fan of the word "wife." I wanted Dave to call me his bride instead because "wife" just sounded like a combination of "whip" and "knife" to me, for some reason (um, counseling, anyone?:) I'm pretty much over that one...thankfully.
Carissa said…
I HATE the word "behoove." My mom used to say it to me all the time growing up, as in "It would behoove you to. . ." Drove me crazy. It always makes me think of cows or cloven hooves. There are tons of other words that drive me crazy too, but that was the first one that came to mind.

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