A few things.

1. I had a big, ugly blow up directed at Jeff last night. Poor guy. I'm glad he loves me even when the ugly comes out, and can forgive me. I'm thankful for a Father who lovingly softens my heart to see the ugly that is there. I'm thankful that he who began a good work will be faithful to complete it.

2. I ran in my first 5K race since having Judah. I pushed the stroller, and was really just hoping to be able to run most of the race. Since it was such a small race, I actually ended up winning my age division (which was maybe like 3 people, but still) and finished in almost exactly 30 minutes. I think that is actually a better time than my first ever 5K race back several years ago, so I was pretty excited.

3. A good friend whom I've known since elementary school is about to adopt a baby girl! Her family is having an online auction to help raise the funds. Head on over the website to check it out! There even might be a few little sewn items made by me....

4. We're headed up to Seneca today to spend Thanksgiving at my parent's house. Yay! If Judah would ever fall asleep and take his nap, I might even be able to get ready to go.


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