Photo shoot outtakes

Judah is getting hard to photograph. He suddenly can't be bothered to look at the camera when there are much more interesting things to look at. Or he's decided he'd rather be rolling somewhere else than staying where I put him.

Here's how the recent photo shoot went:
Judah, look at mommy! Judah, hey there... Don't look at the shoe, look at me!

Aack! Lucy, move!

Then I decided to see if I could get a shot of both the boy and the dog since that would be a cute addition to the Christmas card. I quickly learned that getting both a dog and a boy to look at the camera at the same time is essentially impossible.

Judah, don't eat that leaf!

Or that one!

(About this point, Judah actually managed to get one in his mouth before I could get to him. Then he choked on it and puked. Then Lucy licked it up. Eww.)

(Doh! Caught a blink.)

Lucy, Sit! Come back!
And so it goes.


Sarah said…
I see by the end of the shoot, you removed the shoes in attempt to minimize distractions ;)
Aubrey, this was completely hilarious! Well narrated...
Scooper said…
So funny, Aubrey! I don't have a dog but I have 3 littles. And photo shoots with all 3 make me want to have a stiff drink afterward. : ) Judah is such a handsome guy and growing up so quickly!

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