Small Town life.

I spent 12 hours today working in a small town ER about an hour from where I live. In addition to my regular job, I'll also be doing a little bit of moonlighting there in the months to come. It's nice because I get to use some different skills than in my other job, and making a little bit of extra money is always nice. I was a little nervous today knowing that I'd be the only doctor working there. I've never been the only doctor in a situation like that before.

You can definitely tell it's a small town. First of all, I got a tour of pretty much the entire hospital in about 5 minutes. There are 5 beds in the ER. Our ER, by contrast, has 6 beds in each pod, with 5 different pods.

One of the ER nurses has a twin sister (I was told) who works at the sheriff's office, so that nurse knew everything that was going on. Their names are Sharon and Karen. (Or, as they are pronounced down here, Shay-ron and Kay-ron.)

The big exciting thing that happened this weekend was a production of Beauty and the Beast put on by the local high school and seen by just about everyone I met today.

They delivered my breakfast from the cafeteria to the ER.

As I was walking back to my call room, everyone I passed seemed to know right away that I was ER doctor, and they all commented about how busy they were keeping me. When you go from working in a 30 bed ER to a 5 bed ER, it doesn't seem busy, no matter what they tell you.

I gotta say, apart from being away from Judah for over 12 hours, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to going back.

Hopefully it will continue to be uneventful but now boring.


Melanie said…
"Shay-ron" and "Kay-ron" are my favorite parts of this post :) Those names don't exist in Iowa.

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