Things I'm thankful for this morning:

1. A slow-starting, fairly easy first week back to work. I think making this transition would have been much harder it my schedule had been more packed. Even all my clinics were fairly slow, which is nice considering my brain is working at about half speed. And I haven't really thought about anything medical since he was born.

2. A wonderful loving husband who has cheerfully taken care of the baby this week. He has even been able to bring him in at lunch so I can feed him myself. He also did really well getting up with Judah during my first overnight call and is now upstairs finishing up his sermon for tomorrow, even though he'd probably rather be sleeping.

3. A quiet first call back - we only had two medicine admissions, both fairly straightforward, and I had plenty of time to pump, sleep, and chat with one of my favorite interns. I'm also extremely thankful that I only have ONE MORE CALL before finishing!!

4. A baby who is currently napping really well and cooperated with my need for a post call nap.

5. Co-workers and bosses who love families and are completely fine with Judah visiting at work, and didn't even mind when I held Judah during my presentation that I did during lunch on Friday.

6. A whole day off today and tomorrow before I have to go back in!


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