2 month check up

Judah had his two-month check up today. We love our doctor - he's one of my attendings, Dr. Tiller. He always jokes about how (insert cute thing Judah does) is a sign of intelligence. Today he told us that people who root for National League teams have higher IQs than those who root for American League teams.

Judah is (obviously) smiling, able to hold his head up well, kicking his legs a lot, and making cooing noises. He's getting better at getting his hands to his mouth - I really think he's going to be a thumb or finger sucker, but right now he mostly just gets his knuckle in his mouth.

For those who are curious:
He weighs 12lbs, 12 oz (75% - thank you, Mama, for the good milk)
Is 23.5inches long (75% - Thank you, Daddy, for the tall genes)
And his head is 43 cm around. (>95% - Thank you, Mama, for the huge noggin genes)

He had to get his first set of shots. Everyone told me I would cry.
I didn't.
I hate to see him sad, but deep down I know that vaccines are super important and needed to make sure he doesn't get sick. With a little bit of nursing, he calmed right down and fell asleep. Hopefully he's napping well at home even now....


Emilie said…
we go on Tuesday for Jacob's 2-month. i didn't cry at Joseph's shots for the same reason. i would be more sad to see my babies sick later. Judah is such a sweetie. i'm so thankful for blogs so we can watch his progress.

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