Sorry for the absence.... We were out of town at a funeral.

Judah's second road trip went really well. He made his first appearance on stage - wrapped in the moby while his mama and her brothers sang at the funeral.

I loved getting to see more of my extended family. I just wish that the only time we got to see them was not always at funerals.

My mom's oldest sister died - she'd been battling lung cancer for over a year, fighting really hard. But she was tired, and had made her peace, and finished all the business she needed to.

Death is still just so strange to me. I am around people who are dying much more than the average person, but still I find it so weird. When we first got to Tennessee, we were having dinner with everyone, and my uncle walked in, and part of me was still looking for her. Even though I knew she was gone.

Aunt Lynn, we love you and miss you, but are rejoicing that you don't have to fight or suffer any longer.


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