I've never been a big fan of coleslaw. To be honest, it always kind of grossed me out - there is nothing appealing about a big pile of white glop on a plate.

But I've been experimenting with some different slaw recipes lately - and I gotta say - I'm really starting to love it. Cabbage is so crispy and I can include lots of different ingredients and make a really beautiful salad. I like using both green and purple cabbage, carrots, and whatever other veggies I find in my fridge. Today I had some radishes and some celery, and added some chopped onion, too. One thing I love about slaw is that you can do pretty much the whole thing in the food processor, so it comes together in a flash. A few weeks ago I made this slaw. It is really tasty and has a very nice kick, and is fairly different from the typical slaw.

Tonight, along with the BBQ we brought back from Tennessee, I made this recipe. Usually I don't really like creamy slaws, but this dressing is a little more traditional, but really good. I swapped out plain yogurt for some of the mayo, and it had a nice, light flavor.

I'm thinking slaw is going to stay in the rotation for a while.


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