What I've learned so far...

1. My kid doesn't like to be dirty. If he is the least bit dirty he will scream his head off and refuse to eat.

2. My mom is awesome.

3. Baby poo gets everywhere. But I never knew I'd rejoice so much to see a dirty diaper.

4. Nursing a baby is maybe the most wonderful thing I've ever done.

5. I love my baby's soft head. And sweet feet. And skinny little legs. And how he'll open his eyes up and just look at me.

6. My husband is a wonderful daddy.


awe! I'm so happy for you to get to enjoy all of these things!
hardeewhites said…
Awww! He is precious! I never understood how women would be sad to stop nursing, until I did nurse (an still am). I think I love it so much because touching is my "love language." Have fun! Amanda
Ed Eubanks said…
Great list. Just wait until he gets what we call "sweet meat"-- the little rolls and pudges all over his limbs. Terribly cute; you'll want to eat him alive.
REO in CA said…
You are right about your Mom. She's a great Mom, Grandmom, and nurse with lots of baby experience. You're in good hands.


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