Before Judah was born, I made a promise to myself that this blog wouldn't turn into a blog where I only post pictures of my kid and how much he weighs or what milestones he is hitting.

What I didn't know is that:
1. I don't go anywhere. At least not really. So pretty much all I do is feed him and eat. And take a daily walk. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom and did some laundry. So there isn't much exciting going on. Except finding out how much he weighed.

2. Since I'm not working right now (which is wonderful) I don't really have any patient/medical stories to tell. Although I did go sit in on a c-section after his doctor visit on wednesday - one of my more special patients had her c-section and she really wanted me there. Thankfully, it was possible for me to go - and I got to see her sweet baby girl. It was a little bit weird being back in that room. But I realized I have a whole new empathy for my patients now that I've actually gone through a c-section. I know what it's like to be laying on that table, feeling like you have to puke, and feeling them push on you to get the baby out.

3. I can't even really post any recipes since we're still being brought meals. I knew I would appreciate meals, but it's been really wonderful not having to worry about cooking. Last night we got some super delicious chicken pot pie and frozen chocolate pie. Yum.

4. My kid might be the cutest ever. So of course the whole world wants to see lots and lots of photos of him. :)

So eventually, hopefully I'll get back to posting more substantive stuff. Until then, here are a few more random thoughts:

1. I talked to the doc who did my c-section and he told me I could start running as early as this weekend. If I want. I don't think I do, right now, but maybe in another week or so. I cannot wait.

2. I've never been one that has to shower daily, but these days I feel so gross unless I do. I get really sweaty (my sister in law tells me that happened to her to) and then with the breast feeding, the shower feels. so. good.

3. I don't know how people have babies without lots of help. How they do it if they're single. Or don't have parents/friends/ and a great church family. I think I'd be a puddle of tears without Jeff and everyone else who's been so great.


Emilie said…
I can so relate to the sweating. . . especially at night. It's starting to get better though. (and I love seeing pictures of your sweet baby!)
The Balls said…
i feel like my day doesn't start until i have a shower...and a lot of days, i don't have one until clint gets home from work. so even though i may have dropped 2 kids off at school, gone to work & taken care of aves, my day really "starts" at 5:30pm, when i get to relax & take a long shower without having a baby crawl in the bathroom [and then in the shower because i can't see due to the shampoo in my eyes], a kid come in to ask me to tie her shoes or tell me that avery spilled her entire bowl of cereal all over the table. anyways, i love seeing pictures of your cute baby!!
Ahhh, the memories. Sweating buckets, especially at night. Such an awful sensation.

But the topper is the way they push on your belly to get the baby out the c-section incision. I know they must do it, but it feels horrendous.

So much good outweighs the bad, though. :) And yes, Judah is awfully cute.
Ken said…
Aubrey, you actually get a free 6 months where the whole blog can be about Judah. That is standard protocol. No one expects you to talk about work or running or gardening until at least October.
NeedANap2 said…
He's very cute and it is hard to think or talk about anything else when you've just had your first baby! :)

I've had 4 c-sections so I'm glad you mentioned feeling like you have to throw up. I think I only threw up at the operating table once (last baby?? - can't remember) but it was very bad timing b/c I didn't get to see the baby as they flew by with the baby (if #3 boy, others were girls). The pushing was only bad with the first one. Recovery was hardest with the first one too.

Judah is very cute and I like the name! (came over via Half Pint House) Congratulations!

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