I think maybe my favorite time of day with Judah is when he's up in the middle of the night.

I figured it would be hard to want to feed him then. But I love the quietness of the house, how still everything is when I nurse him at night. He makes the sweetest faces when he is excited about getting his midnight snack. (Honestly, the faces he makes when he is starting to eat at every feed are probably my favorite faces that he makes. He just looks so happy. My second favorite is when he smiles in his sleep.)

It surprises me that I usually wake up before him when it's time for him to eat. I didn't know that my body would tell me when it's time. I've always been a very deep sleeper, but now just about 3 or 3.5 hours after his last feed, I suddenly wake, and hear him make his breathing noises as he starts to wake. He is usually still sleeping, but starting to stir and smack his lips together.

He usually falls asleep while he's eating, and then I change him, and he wakes up for a little awake time. Thankfully, I can usually get him back down pretty quickly. I fall asleep to the sound of him breathing and wriggling in the cradle.

It's wonderful.


RT said…
I loved this time, too! For me, it lasted only a few shorts weeks as we adopted Livia at 7 weeks and she, on formula, was ready for a whole night's rest by 12. I treasured those quiet moments, just the baby and me. I love that you love this, too.

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