Just Jeff Here...

Well, its just me here, me and the dog that is. Aubrey and Judah are away on their first road trip together. They are in Tennessee, accompanying Aubrey's mom to a conference, and visiting some extended family. They will be back either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending how things go.

So. In the mean time, its just Jeff and the dog. We are missing that little boy quite a bit. At least when we're not sleeping in a delightfully quiet house for long stretches of time. But when we are awake, we are definitely missing him.

The absence of Judah also means there are no new pics to post today for his adoring fan base. So I am picking two of my past favorites that haven't made it to the blog.

This first one is so close to being a great shot. But if you look closely, you can see that his face is slightly out of focus.

This second photo would be a pretty mundane shot, except for one cute little surprise near the bottom which totally makes my day!


Cyrus J. Shealy said…
Hey just Jeff...I hope all swell with you and the dog. I thought I would leave a comment to encourage you to blog (when I blog and there are no comments I tend to be hesitant to blog again).
Jeff said…
Thanks Cy! I agree, blogging is much more fun when you get comments. The dog and I are patiently waiting. Aubrey and baby Judah should be home in about 20 more minutes.

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