Wardrobe meme

Megan tagged me for a wardrobe meme, listing my 5 "can't live without" pieces in my wardrobe.

These days I'm in an very in between sort of clothing stage - I'm small enough that the maternity stuff is not wearable - (or I refuse to wear it anymore) but still bigger than I used to be so my pre-pregnancy stuff, for the most part, doesn't fit yet.

(But I did go on my third post-pregnancy run today, so we're working on that....)

So here they are:

1. These skirts. I got two similar ones last year, from Target, but a few weeks ago I got two more from Old Navy. I love them. I wear them most days. This time of year I'm not a fan of pants, and skirts look so nice. I love that they are super comfortable, but still look nice. I can wear them to work with a nice shirt, or around the house with a sweatshirt. And only $15!!

2. Good running shoes. When I started running consistently, I went to a running store and got fitted for running shoes. They taped me running, measured my foot two different ways, and assessed my arches before telling me what kind of shoe to buy. Since I run sort of on the outside of my feet, I needed what they call a "neutral" shoe. The first pair of shoes I bought at that store, and were $120. Which seemed like WAY to much money at first. But that was some of the best money I've ever spent. The difference between running in good shoes and running in bad shoes is dramatic. Since then I always buy the exact same kind, but I find them online for much less money. And I only use them to run in. I don't walk in them, I don't take them to the gym, I only run in them. I didn't post a link because although I run in saucony shoes, you should go get fitted somewhere for shoes and buy the kind you need.

3. Cute low cut socks. I love wearing cute socks. Especially anything striped, with dots, or argyle. Even though I'm certain I'm breaking numerous fashion laws, I even wear cute colorful socks with my skirts to work. I'm very picky about socks, though, and they have to be fairly thin cotton.

4. My dansko shoes. Yes, I know they are not the cutest shoes around. But when you are running around the hospital all day on your feet, you will regret wearing other types of shoes. I have two pair - solid black, and some cuter brown sandals I wear in the summer.

5. My hooded sweatshirt and some comfie pants - perfect for when I get home from work or, these days, most of the day since I'm not getting out much.

So, there you have it.

I will tag anyone who feels like doing this and needs something to post.


Megan said…
Thanks for playing! And now I'm checking out those skirts...

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