I'm back on a surgery rotation, which is nice in that it's fairly laid back and I end up having free time. (Have I mentioned how much I like working half days??) If I'd known the surgeon didn't start until 9:30 this morning I would have slept in a little longer.

But it's boring in that mostly I just follow another doctor around and watch them do things. It's like being back in medical school again.

One of the coolest parts about it is getting to watch all the high tech surgery equipment in use. I do not have a mechanically minded brain, so I'm often amazed that someone can invent such smartly-designed things as a big gun-looking thing that is used to rejoin two cut ends of colon without sewing. I'm still not sure how it works exactly. Maybe magic?

Anyone else out there with a favorite engineering feat? Some technology you think is just nifty? I'd love to hear about it.


Lindsay said…
the kind of engineering that goes into planning road systems in major cities. Fascinating!
Austin said…
ive seen one of those neato stapler colon rejoiner guns in action. They are cool,

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