Reuniting again...

So we're at a reunion for the second weekend in a row. This time it's with the whole Rampey clan, up at Table Rock Wesleyan Camp. It's been a great weekend and I feel like the only thing I've done is eat.

Last night was homemade ice cream night, with 6 churns of different flavors (including the best nutella ice cream I've made yet). I do love my family.

Next Tuesday, we leave for Kansas City, for a quick visit with Dave, Hannah, and the kids before going to the Family Medicine conference. I'll try to post some photos in the midst of our travels, though things may be a bit sparse around here for a few more days. Now I'm back outside to watch my nephew go down the water slide.

I love vacation.


Ken Shomo said…
Jeff--have mercy! I was performing a wedding in MI, at GA, and then leading a missions trip to NJ. I'm not slackin'!

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