My high school graduating class had an 11 year reunion this past weekend.

Eleven because no one ever planned a ten year reunion. It was a small crowd. We met for a picnic dinner at a local park. Jeff was very sociable - he played the extrovert well for a few hours, talking with lots of people he'd never met. I was thankful for the name tags, although now that there is such a thing as facebook, I've been able to sort of get a small glimpse at the lives many of these people have been leading.

Sometimes I think that if I went back to high school now, I might have a different group of friends. I had a great group of friends in high school that I was thankful for, but being at this reunion kind of reminded me how much I've changed since then. How I have different priorities. And lots of the people who I didn't hang out with as much in high school, I have lots more in common with these days.

There is not much a point to this post, other than to say that it was good and strange seeing everyone again. And that I'm glad that I'm not in high school anymore.


Corrin said…
I think I'd have a lot of different friends too. Interesting to think about.


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