Every year, it becomes more and more clear what a big dork I am.

On my call night on Tuesday (one of the worse I've had in a while, but that's another story), I met a very interesting patient.

He came in with a fairly uninteresting problem - back pain - one of my least favorite to deal with. In talking with him, though, he told me he has a very rare genetic disease. It was a genetic disease I've never actually heard of, involving cholesterol metabolism. Just before I was about to leave to finish the paperwork so he could leave, he told that he was the first person diagnosed with the disease.

I could not believe it. The first patient!! I told him he was like a celebrity. He kind of rolled his eyes at me. I looked it up (on google), and sure enough, every site that talks about it mentions that it gets it name from the island where the first case, a five year old boy, and his sister lived. I'm still in awe that I met someone who was the first person diagnosed with this disease.

I told you I'm a dork.


The Balls said…
that is very cool!!!

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