So there might be someone out there dorkier than me.

We're in Lawrence, KS, today, visiting with Dave, Hannah, Ashlyn, and Jackson.

Dave is a professor of rhetoric and so gets a few academic-y magazines. One of them is called the London Review of Books, a magazine that contains, not surprisingly, lots of book reviews. In the back, it also has a sort of classified section advertising vacation homes, writer's retreats, and requests for out of print books.

It also has a bit of a personals ad section, which might just be my favorite part of the magazine. Here is just a sampling:

"Elegant truth-seeking musician seeks wise enchantress to gamble with the seeds of life"

"Not very friendly woman seeks not very friendly man."

"Passionate, intellectual F desires really nice geeky M."

Oh yeah - and there's one written entirely in Latin. Seriously.


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