7 very quick takes.

The ultra short edition...

1. I ate Thai food the other night... in Greenwood!! Ethnic food has come to town. It was delicious, fairly inexpensive, and here in town! I cannot explain how excited I am to finally have good ethnic food here. Now if only we'd get a good bookstore, I could live here permanently.

2. I have felt so exhausted being back on call every fourth night. Did I feel this tired all of last year?? Apparently I've blocked it out. One more reason to be glad I'm almost a third year - just one call a month.

3. There is almost nothing quite as lovely as fresh peaches cut up, being made into jam. The yellowy-orangey-reddish hues are just stunningly beautiful. And tasty. Pictures (and recipe) to follow later.

4. I admitted someone to the hospital Monday night with blood pressure so high it could not even accurately be measured on our equipment. That means his systolic pressure (the number on top) was OVER 320!! I didn't even know that was possible. Miraculously, he felt fine. I almost expected to go into the room and find his body exploded.

5. I become a third year resident officially on July 1. It seems like the time has flown by. I'm excited, but also a little scared since now I really need to start looking for a job. It stresses me out just thinking about it. (Which is why I currently am just ignoring it.)

6. A bug flew in my eye while I was running the other night and scratched my cornea. It hurt like the dickens. I didn't think it was possible to have a bug-related eye injury. Aren't eyelashes supposed to stop stuff like that?

7. I was at Bible Study on Monday night with 7 other women - 1 with a newborn, FIVE who were pregnant, and one single girl. Sometimes I hate my life. Sigh.


Sarah said…
OOooohhh, start looking for a job in Tucson, then when you go to Bible study you'll have someone else who is married and has no children! Hehe.
Shelley said…
Wow...I can't believe someone could have blood pressure that high and survive!

Good luck searching for and finding a job (when you do start looking). In the fall I will have to do the same thing since I'll have finished my B.Ed. and need to register with the local school district to start off supply teaching!

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