Mile High Doctor.

On our flight to California, I was watching some TV when suddenly I heard an announcement overhead:
"If there are any doctors on board, you are needed in the coach cabin."

I looked over to the other aisle, and sure enough, there were several people gathered. I got up quickly and went over. A young woman had apparently fainted. She was lying down in the aisle, a flight attendant was giving her some oxygen. There were 2 other people there, as well. She apparently occasionally passes out. I felt her pulse, and took her blood pressure - both normal. I could tell she now mostly just felt embarrassed. Eventually, she got up and I walked with her to the bathroom. She really was fine. The flight attendants asked me several times if I wanted a cocktail. I declined. I really didn't feel like I had done anything. I got back in my seat, and then I had to do .... you guessed it... paperwork. I wrote down my name and address several times, as well as her symptoms. Apparently there is no escaping paperwork, even if you are cruising at 10,000 feet.

Then another flight attendant walked over and handed me a container of pringles and a bag of M&Ms, about $6 worth of overpriced airline snacks.

I decided it was payment for services rendered.


RT said…
It was also payment for relief on the flight attendant's part! I bet they were glad you were present, even if the young gal was feeling better. Nothing like an MD for reassurance (I speak from experience). : )
mom said…
That brought back memories of when we were on the other side of the coin last summer.

I agree, I know there were some very thankful flight attendants as well as patient on board.

love you!
Ken Shomo said…
Is it corny to say this is also illustrative of what it means to (always) be a Christian? We are to be ready in season and out of season, but it's easy to consider ourselves off duty when we feel we need a break.

Nevertheless, I'm sorry you didn't find escape even above the clouds. Some day you will...

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