How to know if your husband watches Food Network.

1. You decide to make grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner. He thinks to whip up a little garlic-dill-lime mayo to go on top. (I don't really even like mayo, but that was perfect.)

2. After dinner, he realizes he wants to make some dessert. His choice? Crepes. That's right - he makes delicious crepes, then fills them with a smear of nutella and strawberries.

This is easily the biggest benefit to having cable TV.


Lindsay said…
Yea he sounds like a total foodie. I too am married to one, and my God! The benefits are never ending.
Jeff said…
I'm embarrased. This is not my manliest trait. See three blogs down for my post on baseball stadiums!
Aubrey said…
I have two words for you:
Bobby Flay.

Not only is he exceedingly manly, but I'm also certain he can rock a crepe.
Ken Shomo said…
I made dinner for Cheryl a few times when we were newly married. Then I recycled them. Now I can't encourage her by saying I'll make dinner because she's tired of all three of them. Sigh. Jeff, I need lessons.

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