At the Drive-In.

Greenwood now boasts its own drive-in movie theater. Having never actually been to one, I was quite excited to check it out last weekend. We packed up some dinner, got some cash (they only accept cash at the gate) and headed out just before sundown. We parked, tuned our radio station to 106.1, and waited for the previews to start. They charge $7 admission per adult, but each week show a double feature, so you get two movies for the price of one. Our only complaint is that now that we are old, staying awake through two movies when the first one starts at 9pm is a bit of a challenge. That aside, being able to enjoy a delicious dinner from home, bring our own drinks, and enjoy the movie under the summer sky was quite a treat. We will definitely be going back.

Ever since Toy Story, I always look forward to Pixar movies, and had been waiting for a good time to see their newest feature, Up. Thankfully for us, both Up and Night at the Museum 2 were this week's selections down at the drive in.

Up met all of my expectations for a Pixar film - beautifully animated, quirky, likeable characters, and a creative premise that all made for a wonderful film. Often in cartoon movies, the plot is about the princess finding her prince, and ends at the wedding. The beginning of this movie showed the beauty of marriage, of living the ups and downs of life with your best friend at your side, and of how much more full life can be when we reach out to those around us. I was struck by how much more I liked this movie than, say, Fireproof. I know I'm supposed to like movies that are "Christian," but I'd rather see a movie that is actually good. Instead of an overwrought film that tells me that marriage is great and that husbands and wives should love each other, I pick the subtle, well made story that shows me.

So go see Up. I can't promise that you won't cry (I did) but it's one of the best things to come out of Hollywood since, well, Wall-E.


Ed Eubanks said…
I've heard great things about Up from others, too-- it sounds like a must-see. Thanks for the rec.

I noticed, also, the conspicuous absence of anything at all about Night at the Museum...
Aubrey said…
To be fair, we left in the middle of it, since it was getting on towards midnight and we were both tired. Having not seen Night at the Museum 1, I didn't really understand much about the plot, but especially in comparison to Up, it was dumb. But likely elementary school and middle school kids might enjoy it - there didn't seem to be cursing or sex or anything else objectionable. It just wasn't that good.

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