More reasons to love ultrasound.

As if you didn't know already, I love doing ultrasounds. Tuesday in clinic, I had one of the most fun ones I've done yet.

It was my first visit with this patient, a young Mennonite woman, pregnant with her first baby. I always like to do an ultrasound at the first visit, just so I can get a measurement and make sure the dates are correct. (I also do an ultrasound at almost every visit if there's time, mostly because I love to do it and it's good practice.)

As I placed the probe on her belly, I was immediately struck by how many body parts I saw. I continued looking, more carefully, and counting. Two heads. Two bodies. Two placentas.

"Well," I said, "You're having twins."
She looked at me, shocked. "I've been worried I would have twins. My husband and I were joking about it yesterday."
I pulled the machine around so she could see better, and took some pictures of the two tiny bodies. They were beautiful - moving a lot, growing well, and with two strong heartbeats. I was excited - this was the first time I've ever actually told someone they were having twins.

She, mostly, was speechless.

I can't wait to see her again.


armouris said…
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K said…
An ultrasound tech discovered my twins at 17 weeks. It was my fourth pregnancy. My husband was in class and couldn't come. The tech quite calmly told me, "Your husband is going to be surprised when you tell him you're having twins." After the initial shock, I laughed. What else can you do?! My twins, now 10yo, have been a source of joy every day since!
(I found you via Megan @HalfPintHouse :-)


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