I love books. And Shopping. And book shopping.

Whoever thought of the idea to put used books for sale on Amazon was a genius. And someone whose hand I'd like to shake. Or fill with tasty goodies. I just ordered 6 hardback books for $26, which includes shipping. If it weren't for my desire to give mostly handmade gifts for Christmas this year, I think I could just about get everything I needed on amazon. With the exception of shopping for my husband and my brothers, who just wouldn't quite appreciate a cute animal or bag. And judging by how stressed out I've been lately, doing the handmade thing may not work this year, so Amazon, it may be up to you....

Incidentally, I did just discover I do not enjoy car shopping. The thought of having a new(er) car is nice, but the actuality of having to talk to the car salesmen and listen to their spiels absolutely makes me cringe. Why can't there be an Amazon for buying cars?


Annie said…
Try Ebay for car shopping. That's how we got our Volvo.

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