A few more crafts:

I realized I haven't posted any recent crafty items, although I have done a bit of sewing here and there when I'm not stressed out at the hospital. (Incidentally, there are just 8 more days of this rotation for me, and the end cannot come fast enough.)

For Austin and Elise's wedding, I wanted to do something and contribute, so I asked Elise if I could make her some purses to use as bridesmaid's gifts. She was happy to let me exercise my creative brain and basically gave me free reign over what kind of bag to do. Of course, before I made all the bags for the bridesmaids, I had to come up with a pattern and do a test run so I wouldn't mess up the cute fabric she gave me. I dug around at my house and found some fabric lying around that I liked, and made a bag for myself to test the pattern. It's small, but not too small, and brown and blue with polka dots. There aren't too many other combinations I would like more. Sadly, I did not take pictures of the actual bags I made for Elise (And Michelle and Liz and Libby and Elizabeth and Kristen and who else am I forgetting?) but here is mine...

Although you can't see it in the photo, there is a little hook so I won't lose my keys as easily, and one of those magnetic button closures, which are surprisingly easy to use. I didn't really change much of the pattern for making the bridesmaids' bags, but Elise had this great red dotted fabric for the outside, with a red, green, gray, and white floral pattern for the inside.

And exhibit #2 - Since we have a very fertile residency program, I am often making shower gifts for friends through the residency. Here are a few things I did for a little girl who should be making her appearance any day now:
I've been experimenting a little more with using fabric on onesies and have come to realize that I love to make little designs like this one of the front. Fabric gifts like these are fun because they are relatively quick, and I find finishing projects immensely satisfying, AND people like to get them. Since we have a seemingly endless supply of babies being born here, I get the pleasure of having an excuse to do lots of cute sewing. Which is something I often need after a day at the hospital taking care of patients who don't seem to get better.


Katie said…
Very cute!!! I need to get busy making Christmas presents if I am going to stay on track. Well, I'm already off track, but I will try to catch up. The new little one will make it even harder, I'm sure.
CO mom said…
Hey Aubrey I LOVE the bag!! You are so creative.
Pam said…
The bird onesie is TOO cute!!

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