A list

1. I got up early this morning and swam at the Y. I'm not a big fan of getting up early. But I do like to swim early. Or at least I like the feeling of having swam early. Because I love eating a big breakfast, and it never tastes better than after a good swim.

2. I shopped yesterday. I'm constantly amazed at the advances in pancake technology. Not only does the premixed pancake mix now come pre-measured in a shakeable bottle so that active thought is reduced to a bare minimum. But yesterday I noticed that one can buy microwave pancakes. They are pre-made cakes that only require a short nuking, just in case the idea of having to add one ingredient to a bottle and shake was too daunting for you.

3. Now I'm drinking a delightful cup of joe, and jumping back into paper writing mode. Here I go...


Ken Shomo said…
Sounds like you're wasting a lot of time nuking pancakes. Why not just buy them already hot from McDonald's?

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