I´m here safely and enjoying myself. And we do have some internet, which is nice. And I even got to talk to my husband today on the phone. I certainly praise God even for his little blessings.

My dad has a description he uses for VIMM, or Volunteers in Medical Missions, the group I am here with, a group he has been involved with for many years. He says that the purpose is to provide a cup of cold water at the end of the road. And let me tell you...we were at the end of the road today. So near the end that I felt like I was in a toyota commercial, riding in the back of this 4X4 pickup, bouncing down this muddy, unpaved road in the rain. It was great. It took us about an hour and a half from the village we are staying in, which is also about an hour and a half down an unpaved road. But the people certainly were happy to see us, and I injected every arthritic joint I could find. Lots of vitamins and parasite medicine was given out, and we treated lots and lots of scabies. So much that now I am itching.

The people are wonderful and appreciated so much even the small amount of help I could give. The best part are that we have lots of local believers with us who were preaching and praying with our patients before they saw us... which certainly is more useful than the month-long supply of medicine that i can give them. Honduras, I´m discovering, is a beautiful and green country, even when it rains all day. This morning I took a shower in the rain since the running water at our mission compound is not currently working. It was refreshing.

Now, though, it is time for bed. Perhaps another post will come later this week.


Austin said…
Happy Birthday SISTER!!!!

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