Car Shopping

On Saturday Aubrey and I did a bit of car shopping. Its kind of fun, but kind of stressful and kind of obnoxious all at the same time. The most obnoxious part, of course, is dealing with the salesmen. I just had to laugh at how completely stereotypical they were. Most of them had mustache's, which I don't hold against them, but still. Here are a few of my favorite exchanges...

Me (having been introduced to the sales manager): So Jason said you could work with us on the price, what can you do?
Him: Well, I think we could probably take a little off.
Me: How much is a little?
Him: Well, ya know, like a little.

Me: Do you have any used Toyota Highlanders?
Salesman: Do you like 4runners?
Me: No.
Salesman: We got a really nice one over here.
Me: Will you sell it to me for the price of a used Highlander?
Salesman: You like Mitsubishi's?

Salesman: Were running a sale this weekend.
Me: Oh yeah? What kind of sale?
Salesman: Ya know, we've just kinda lowered the prices a bit.
Me: Ooooooh.

And my favorite line of the day, which was also the last line of the day, "What would it take to get you into this car today?" The most hackneyed line of all time. Which was offered after I had told the guy I was leaving, opened my car door, and was getting into my car. And was offered in relation to the above mentioned Mitsubishi, which I had not expressed one ounce of interest in, and I had rejected his offer of a test drive, but he was still gung ho on selling it to me.

In light of the evasiveness and general ridiculosity of all salesmen, I've decided that when I go back I'm going to be equally evasive with all my answers to their questions.

Salesman: Hi, I'm Jason, what's your name?
Me: The important thing is that you have a name you can live with.
Salesman: Oh, ok. So what is your name?
Me: I'm not like most customers, I like to be straightforward about what my name is. Now let's look at some cars.


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