Tough Day

I love ultrasound. I really do. I used it several times today on OB visits. Yesterday, though, I was reminded that sometimes it's sad to use ultrasound. Sometimes it tells us sad things.

A patient came to clinic for her first OB visit, but was having some problems. I was called to see her to make sure the baby was ok. She was supposed to be about 9 wks pregnant. I used our machine at the office, and could only see the gestational sac. I couldn't see any baby. We sent her for an official scan at the hospital. They couldn't see a baby either. But this couple doesn't speak English. So then they were sent back to our office, where I had to tell this couple that she had miscarried, and that there was no baby. It was the first time I'd ever had to tell someone this.

She cried.
Her husband cried.
I felt like crying.

Being a doctor is great. But so often hard.


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