A good call

Last night was a good call. Good because I got to help a nice girl during her labor. Unfortunately for her, I also accidentally missed the baby being breech, and she ended up getting an urgent c-section. (I knew that head just didn't feel right.) The nurses told me she was breech because once she started pushing, they could see the part coming down the ...er.... pipeline and let's just say that it was not a nice round baby head. Oops.

Also good because I actually brought my sewing machine, fabric and even an iron to the call room. Yes, that's right. I'm the dork who brings her iron and sewing machine to work. But I recently started one of the larger projects I've had and since I had the entire day to spend at the hospital, I figured I might as well get some work done on it. It was great - in between delivering a baby, doing an ultrasound on a newly pregnant lady, and eating with my husband, I got a LOT of work done.

Also good because I got in bed at 11:30, went to sleep and slept more or less uninterrupted until 7 this morning. Though that did not stop me from still taking a 2-hr nap once I got home. (And for those keeping track, we did eat quiche for dinner tonight. I gotta say, this whole menu plan thing just might work.)

Sometimes I really love OB call.


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