First Fruits (and veggies)

Here we are, the proud gardeners with our first tomato. We were quite excited. We've been using various herbs from our garden for a while now, and lettuce and spinach, but the tomatoes have been the one thing we've really been waiting for. I guess this is a roma tomato? Or a grape tomato? I dunno. It's small, and it was really really good.

We sliced it up and ate it on barbeque sandwiches. Oh, did I mention Aubrey and I stopped at J.I. Baldwin and Sons on our way out of Nashville and bought five pounds of pork barbeque to bring home? Its the best barbeque in the world. Come visit, we'll share.

Several more tomatoes are on their way to turning red, including one of the big heirloom tomatoes. Apparently they go a little slower. But if I can fend off the rabbits, caterpillars, and any other natural predators, they should be ready soon.

We also picked these five squash.

We ate one last night and it was quite good. They are a variety of spaghetti squash, which is not what I was expecting, but good none the less. Although I didn't know when I was supposed to pick them, and I think I waited too long. The squash are still good, but a neighbor told me that if you don't pick squash almost right away it causes the vine to shut down production for the year. Which explains why my vines have stopped flowering. Oops. Oh well, I started some new regular squash seeds yesterday as a backup in case the original vines don't recover. And squash grow fast, so even the new vines should be producing by August.

The Bell peppers are also progressing well. They are still cute and small. For size reference, picture a human fetus at about 6 weeks.

Editorial Note: That last line is funny because pregnant women are always comparing their babies to vegetables for size reference, so I compared my vegetables to a baby. Ha!


Totallyscrappy said…
YES! Your photo reminded me of when my hubby and I were first married. I was working outside and I found a cherry growing on our cherry tree. I picked it so gingerly and quickly took it to my dear husband so we could share the bounty. I sliced our tiny little cherry into two (even) pieces and we so expectantly ate our cherry. It was a plum! LOL!
I love the veggie/baby comparison.
Doctor S. said…
hope you enjoy the book

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