Charleston trip

We took a brief jaunt to Charleston last weekend for a wedding. And since it is spring, the season of weddings, we're going back next weekend for another one. It was great seeing old friends and watching a dear friend get hitched. Here are the photo highlights:

Lucy interacting with Alfie, a friend's puppy:
Sadly, most of my wedding shots did not turn out. Erin was a beautiful bride, though, and the ceremony and reception were lovely.
(And yes, that is a huge painting of a somewhat feminine Jesus floating the air. It's a really old church and when our church took over the building, that had to stay.)

It was great being back in our Charleston church and seeing the town. Mostly, every day I'm thankful for where we live and really enjoy living in Greenwood, but I do miss this:
Of course then we hit bad traffic, and had to hunt for a place to park. Ahh...big city life.


Ken Shomo said…
I think I'm wondering the same thing Lucy is wondering... is that little puppy REAL?

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