A boy and his dog.

Last weekend while Aubrey was still in Peru, Lucy and I went up to North Carolina. Ken, one of my best friends from my St. Louis days, had come down to North Carolina. He lives in Virginia Beach, so Raeford, NC was a perfect halfway spot in which to meet. It also happened to be the sight of the national competition of Whippet Racing. His dog Smarty (a fine writer in her own respect) was competing in the races. Note: the caution tape in the picture above is marking off part of the race track, I'm not actually spectating at an accident scene.

Seeing Ken and Cheryl again was great, and I got to meet their new little boy Cullen. Ken and I talked about life, baseball, and exegesis, we ate Pizza Hut together (which, inexplicably, both our wives dislike), and we rekindled the spirit of competition with some fiery rounds of boggle.

With all the racing dogs around, Lucy got into the spirit of competition too. At one point she slipped on a racing bib, and I caught her trying to register as a whippet.


Melanie said…
Jessie told me to have you pass the word along to Lucy that she's just a little envious. She remembers the days of being an only child... vacations, pictures of her, attention in general ...
Ken Shomo said…
Lucy is one well-behaved and clean dog... Very mild mannered. I suppose she takes after Jeff in that way.

It was great to see you. If you want to meet again soon, I'll be going to a Panera that's southwest of me and we can meet up there. (It's a little closer to my house, but still in your direction.) There's a B&N there too so you can use that gift card!

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