Update #2

This is unlike any other missions trip I´ve been on:
1. None of the bathrooms I´ve used so far have had any other creatures (bats, frogs, snakes, etc) living in them. I´ve discovered I thoroughly enjoy the clean white porcelain in a well lit bathroom.
2. Yesterday and today when I got back from clinic, someone had MADE MY BED.
3. In addition to the bed-making fairy, there is another one who brings clean towels around and takes away the dirty ones.
4. I have been able to talk to Jeff on the phone twice a day on this very nifty internet phone.

A few highlights:
1. I got to do several joint injections. Anyone who complained about arthritis in a joint, I asked them if they wanted me to inject it. In one lady, I injected both knees and a wrist.
2. I got to do 2 prenatal ultrasounds. It was wonderful. One lady was having a boy, and the other was going to have a girl. They both got to see their unborn children moving and kicking.
3. Treating several older ladies. They were so grateful and very cute with their smiling faces. I love little old ladies. And in Peru, they are even littler.


Rebecca said…
Joint injections, huh? Is it some sort of steroid used to reduce inflammation? As someone with RA (who is profoundly grateful for Enbrel!), I'm curious...
Aubrey said…
they are in fact injections of steroids, plus some lidocaine for anesthesia. They work pretty well for osteoarthritis. Although I haven´t researched this, Í´m guessing since RA is a disease that affects the whole body (as opposed to osteoarthritis which affects only specific joints) site specific injections probably don´t work as well. Although they probably could be a possible treatment every few months if you have a specific joint or joints that bother you a lot. You should ask your doctor.

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