Go Cubbies!!

Tonight marks an historic occasion. Tonight, at 10:00 pm eastern time, the Chicago Cubs will play the Arizona Diamondbacks in the first round of the playoffs! Yes, the Cubbies are in the playoffs!

Many of you know that I am somewhat of a Cubs fan. Having been born and bred in the land of Lincoln, the Cubs have remained my hometown team throughout all my travels. This year marks the fifth time during my life that the Cubs have made it to the playoffs. In 1984 they lost to the Padres and I remember crying after the last game. In 1989 they lost to the Giants, and I watched the series from our living room in Sacramento. It might have been good that they lost, since the Giants' lives were then threatened during the infamous San Francisco earthquake. In 1998 the Cubbies were everybody's favorite team, as Sammy Sosa hit 66 home runs in his fun duel with Big Mac, but then they got swept by the Braves in the first round of the playoffs. And finally, 2003. The most tantallizingly close we have come to a world series since 1945. We were five outs away from going to the big show, when, in the bottom of the eighth, against the Florida Marlins, Mark Prior on the mound, Moises Alou in left, Steve Bartman in the stands, everything fell apart.

Last summer Aubrey and I made a pilgrimmage to Wrigley field. I had been there many times before, but Aubrey had not, so I had to bring her.

This summer, we didn't have quite as much time for an ambitious road trip, but we did make it out to see the Cubbies when they came and stomped on Atlanta. It was actually the first time Aubrey and I have seen the Cubs together that they won!

The amazing thing about these playoffs this year is that most "experts" are actually picking the Cubs to beat the Diamondbacks, and at least advance to the next series!

So you know where I'll be come 10:00 tonight!

And you can't really see it past my huge knee, but my shirt says "Eamus Catuli." Not familiar? Google, and learn what this means.


Keeeeeeeith said…
Go DBACKS!!!!!!!
Aubrey said…
Just so everyone knows...i did NOT give Jeff permission to hang all that Cubs paraphernalia in our lovely striped office. It will not be there permanently. No matter who wins the game.
Anonymous said…
Go Cubbies. I was hoping Thom Brennamen would get our series, but he appears to be calling the Boston series. dt
Jeff said…
Naturally, I don't need Aubrey's "permission" to improve the decor of the office. But, out of deference to my lovely wife, I will not insist on keeping up the lovely panoramic poster of Wrigley Field on opening night (August 8, 1988, the first night game). I don't mind if we put it somewhere else. The living room would also be fine.
Keeeeeeeith said…
Please keep the experts talking.

GO DBACKS!!!!!!!!!!

FYI...Cubs gave up homers to a 2nd year man to hit .239 this season and a rookie to started this season riding buses in AA Mobile!

GO DBACKS!!!!!!!!!!

OK, off to Mexico

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