So I´m sitting in the home of the missionaries who are hosting for this visit, using their computer. Outside, I´m surrounded by the large, rocky foothills of the Andes. We arrived late last night, after an uneventful flight.

Since I´ve been to Peru several times, it was kind of fun to see how the airport has changed. This year, though, I came down with a different group than I´ve been with in the past. I didn´t realize how hard it was going to be to go through customs, and not be greeted by the smiling and familiar face of one of my many friends whom I´ve gotten to work with here, picking me up at the airport. The Peruvians we are working with seem great, though, and church this morning was fun and a good way to get my Spanish brain in gear.

For lunch we had Pollo a la brasa, my favorite Peruvian dish.

I was then told by another American missionary here that I have a "missionary face."

I´m not really sure what that means, (and I wasn´t wearing make up at the time) but I guess it was a complement.


Anonymous said…
Missionary face, that's a good one to have!

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