A Poem for Aubrey

Her will I marry and her will I hold,
Her will I love through the days we grow old,
Her will I cherish each year even more,
For hers is the heart and the soul I adore.

Hers is the sweet, soft spoken volition,
Which loves without cares, strings or conditions,
Hers is the pity, by which I am smitten,
For broken down dogs, and ravenous kittens.

Hers is excelling, driven ambition,
Which thrives in each post, place and position,
Penguins, stockings, and quilts she has made,
A crafter at heart and a doctor by trade.

Hers is a simple, free, caught-off-guard smile,
My heart melts for days, and then grows by a mile,
Her smile so free, and her laugh so sincere,
My focus is rapt as she's bending my ear.

Now Mine is the joy, Mine the good fortune,
Mine is the glowing and glamorous portion,
For God has seen fit to order my life,
And treat me to Aubrey to have as my wife.

(again, posted by Jeff)


Anonymous said…
Note: you might think its impersonal for me to put a valentines day poem for my wife on the blog, but you must remember she's in texas, and I thought this would be a fun way for her to find it by suprise in the middle of her day.


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