I arrived in Texas a few days ago and have started my rotation. The weather is quite nice here. For all you in cold climates, I won't rub it in how today I'm wearing a skirt, no jacket, and really enjoyed my nice bike ride to the hospital. A few more random thoughts:

I have a nice roommate who is from Texas. It is kind of strange having a roommate again, but I did get a good one. She also has a car, so I won't be totally stuck riding around on my bike.

I'm trying to figure out if I can ride my bike to the local high school to do my speed work tonight. It doesn't look too far on the map, but you never really can tell.

Lots of people here (including one of my patients yesterday) actually make fresh tortillas EVERY DAY sometimes TWICE a day. I decided I needed to figure out how to get some of those. And, since I've never been to Mexico, I'm hoping I can venture a little trip across the border so that I can add another country to the list of places I've been. I guess that is all for now. If I can figure out how to post them, maybe I can take some photos with my phone and everyone can see where I'm staying.

Eating alone is not fun. Especially when there is no TV or anything to watch. I'm working on my quilt and reading a bunch, which I suppose is better for my brain. I can tell I'm going to be using lots and lots of minutes on my phone. So if anyone wants to talk, the evening are a GREAT time for me. And last night, while working on my quilt, I was listening to the radio (my only form of media at the apartment), which was playing classical music. And I was quilting. I felt very old-fashioned.

That is all for now. Back to the grindstone.


Melanie said…
In the feeling old (if not old-fashioned) department... last night I was sitting on the couch while Andrew worked on a presentation. I had a blanket over my legs and up to my armpits because it's FREEZING here and I was cross stitching.

And in the, "oh, today was Aubrey's first day in Texas" department... while Andrew was working on that presentation, he asked me what word he could make out of a certain five letters (I can't remember which letters) he had as five points. You know, wanting an acronym to spice up the powerpoint. My first thought was, "I give up. Let's call Aubrey." But it was late. That's when I remembered that you were in Texas.
Peter said…
Cool, rural Texas and Spanish! ¿Qué tal? ¿Cómo te va? ¿Ya agarraste la onda de nuevo? ¡Saludos!
angie said…
Hi. My name is Angie and I'm a lurker. I tell you this because I royally butchered your name at the Half Pint House and I am begging your forgiveness. I am a worm. (I'm also Peter's--see above, heh--sister-in-law, but please don't hold that against me. heh heh.)

I've been reading your blog for a little while and I love your wit. That will come in handy here in Texas! Also, fresh tortillas are awesome. You MUST have some.

And I'm commenting publicly because I could not find an email address for you. So there it is.
Emilie said…
I love fresh tortillas. If you happen to grab a handful on your way out of Texas and feel like sharing them with a neighbor when you get home. . . well, I'm available. :-) I also make them sometimes. Which means that maybe I could also share with you when you get home. hah.
Aubrey said…
angie - thanks for leaving the comment. Don't worry about the misspelled name. My name is often misspelled. I guess that's just one of the hazards of your name being one letter of from a much more popular name. But it's always good to know who comes here. So thanks. And I think I may have had some fresh tortillas last night. They were corn tortillas. And they were quite yummy. Now I need to eat some flour ones.

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