To walk into Mexico it costs 25 cents. 1 quarter.

To walk back into the good ole' USA, it costs 30 cents.

Apparently, the USA is worth 1 nickel more than Mexico.

(I might have been willing to pay a little extra.)


Anonymous said…
That's weird. Ya always hear people talking about how we're a free country, and how they're so glad they live in a free country.

I guess they just don't know about this. But still, I'm glad we live in a 30 cent country.
Anonymous said…
above witticism by jeff
Ken Shomo said…
The "free" refers to life once you're inside the country. The accountants have worked it out so that you can be charged up to 40% of your income in taxes and still be in the "free" category. "Socialism" isn't achieved until you cross that line, fortunately.
Mark said…
I have a nickel.
Anonymous said…
freedom isn't free!

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